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The most Famous Vegetarian Restaurant in Hanoi

Located on Ly Thuong Kiet street, Vi Lai is one of the famous vegan restaurants in Hanoi, which quickly become familiar with the people in public and vegetarians in particular. Not only want to bring the best vegan food to everyone, Vi Lai vegetarian restaurant was founded with the mission to bring "the unique vegetarian food experiences" to every diner who comes.

1. Vi Lai - Art in every dish

Made by the most outstanding quintessence of Vietnamese vegan cuisine, combined with the world's, is what leads to an excellent menu that can't be seen in any other vegan restaurant in Hanoi.

Combo Minh Xuan

Every dish at Vi Lai vegetarian restaurant which is served to customers must be guaranteed by three factors: Nutrition - Taste - Visual.

  • Nutrition: The first thing to be sure of is nutrition, which helps the customer to feel healthy after eating. Therefore, the foods at the restaurant Vi Lai are always processed with freshness nutritious ingredients, and carefully selected by chefs who are dedicated to each dish.
  • Taste: Always be something that diners want to be satisfied when enjoying the dish. That is the reason why the food at Vi Lai  is the one in many vegetarian restaurants always aims for a unique flavor, beyond customer's expectation.
  • Visual: The care of the chef is not only reflected in the ''taste'' but also in the meticulous in decoration, the bold art in every detail. Each dish presented to customers must be ensured the perfection, to aid awake the desire for vegan food in diners.

Art of food reflected through the decoration of each dish, rarely be seen in any other vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi.

The menu of ViLai vegan restaurant

Vegan rice Menu

Considered as the restaurant's highlight, favorited by many people who came. Why?

We understand that traditional values are the time's precious that need to be treasured through time. From the ancient time til now, rice has been "attached" to Vietnamese, a "close friend" that we grow up with. Realize the preciousness of rice, chef of ViLai brought in an exclusive vegan rice's menu, not only to serve the guess but to present the true flavor of vegan rice dishes to the world.

  • Stir-fry rice with vegetable

Roasted vegan rice with the main ingredients of the healthy chicken legume, served with corn and tomatoes, combined special spices of ViLai chef.

  • Coconut rice with tofu

The combination of coconut rice and cooked Japanese tofu; help the diner to reduce blood fats, decrease the chance of getting heart disease, and the most important is, to gain a healthier life by having a delicious vegan dish.

  • Rice sauteed with mushroom and pepper

Mushroom, widely used in many vegetarian restaurants Hanoi, for its special flavor. Combined with Phu Quoc Island's famous pepper, helps raise the delicious savory taste of mushroom to a new level. Combine with rice, the perfection of the dish is completed, turn it into a gourmet dish that conquers diners who come to Vi Lai vegetarian restaurant Hanoi.

  • Rice sauteed with banana and seaweed

Two ingredients, one from the jungle, one from the sea; come together to create a great vegan dish choice for those who come to ViLai.

  • Nuong rice

Hardly that you can find a kind of rice, which has a delicious taste as passionate as North West Vietnam's. Therefore, the chef of ViLai decided to add it to the menu. Why? As a vegan restaurant in Hanoi, our job is not only to bring delicious food to everyone but more than that is to convey the traditional beauty of North West Vietnam cuisine to the community.

Vi Lai's vegan combo:

When vegan style becomes trendy nowadays, many people and families choose vegetarian restaurants Hanoi to gather around; having meaningful, pleasant time together. To make them more memorable, Vi Lai's vegan combo menu is presented, to serve the best outstanding trays to customers; included appetizer, main dish and last but not least, dessert.

With Vi Lai's vegan combo, customers can have varieties of combo options at reasonable prices, meeting both nutritional requirements as well as appetite demand.

Minh Xuan combo:

Combo Minh Xuan

Nhat Duong combo:

An Tue combo:

A la carte menu - different from other vegan restaurants in Hanoi

In ViLai vegan restaurant, the variation in ala carte menu helps the diners to have a suitable choice for themselves, base on their hobbies as well as personal taste.

Divided into three categories: Appetizer, main dish, dessert; ViLai menu was scientifically made based on French cuisine, aiming to assist the diners to know where to start and how to end the meal, properly. This is rare in vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi because giving direction to customers is not generally familiar in food service in Vietnam.


To start the meal, dishes like spring roll or vegetable Filo pie are a great way to light up your enjoyment. Otherwise, a flavourful hot mushroom soup bowl can be a spectacular start.

Pho cuon rong bien - Famous spring roll for the appetizer in Vi Lai


Toc Tien soup

Main dish:

Step onto the main-dish, the satisfaction of a person will be fully fulfilled by dishes made with 100% dedication of long-time experience chef of ViLai. From fry to stir-fry, sauteed dishes to rice dishes,.etc. All culinary requirements that you ask for when stepping on a vegan restaurant in Hanoi will be met.

Anh menu Vị Lai
Main dish


After a far - beyond expectation experience, an appropriate dessert is the best way to seal your meal, to bring back the lightness of the body, the feeling of comfort for your stomach.

Moc Tinh ice-cream: The dessert you can only have from ViLai - the high-class vegan restaurant in Hanoi

Vegan buffet of ViLai:

In case you have not known yet, Vi Lai also serves vegan buffet with approximately 100 different dishes. Coming to the buffet menu of Vi Lai, diners will have a chance to eat vegan food which is nutritional as well as flavourful; two cored things of vegan style. Vegan buffet of Vi Lai is gonna be a remarkable meal in your culinary path.


Notice: Buffet night is available every day except the 1st and the 15th in the lunar calendar.

Vi Lai's tea time:

An indispensable habit, a moment of cozy and gratified inside Hanoi by having elegant cups of tea in the middle of peaceful Vi Lai.

Enjoy a cup of hot tea, to harmony with nature, to feel the inner peach of life.

With the specialty tea menu, in the space of the hustle and bustle city, Vi Lai Vegetarian Restaurant expects it to be a spiritual drink, helping people finding peace for themselves.

2. ViLai's philosophy - More than a vegan restaurant in Hanoi.

Dissimilar to many vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi, Vi Lai comes to people with its own philosophy. So, What is the philosophy of Vi Lai? That is the "flow" embedded in every detail of the architecture here.

First floor:

Inspired by two famous folk paintings of Vietnam: "Ly Ngu Vong Nguyet" and "Hy Tuoc Dang Mai"; the first floor of Vi Lai Vegan restaurant brings diners the peaceful atmosphere, made by the consolidation of "water" and "earth", which are two famous fundamental elements of life.

Lotus - the center of Vi Lai

Second floor:

The second floor of Vi Lai vegan restaurant called "The return of Flamingo", named after the famous story "The return of flamingoes and the miracles" with the belief that if we do good things to life, miracles will always come unexpectedly around us.

Third floor:

Inspired by the period of time, entitled "Spring - Summer - Autumn - Winter", the third floor of Vi Lai Vegetarian Restaurant is designed to instill in people the feel of the step of creation and the law of time: in the sense that man can not change the nature of creation but can only change the perception of life.

Fourth Floor:

On the fourth floor of Vi Lai vegan restaurant, you will enjoy the unique architectural space of Buddhism with the image of intellectual book & Mandala, a thing that you never see in the vegan restaurants in Hanoi. In it, the impression of death from the pages of the book shows the sublimation of wisdom in Buddhism.

Fifth floor:

"Enlightenment" is named for the fifth floor of Vi Lai vegetarian restaurant indicating the state of consciousness, able to see through itself and the surrounding. Besides, only when enlightened, man can escape the mental troubles to find the truth of life.

3. The space of ViLai vegan restaurant.

In contrast to the cramped of regular vegan restaurants in Hanoi, Vi Lai with the desire to bring to diners a completely "never see" experience. When it comes to Vi Lai, the first impression is the delicacy in the architectural space here.

With the 5-floor architecture, the space of Vi Lai vegetarian restaurant is the perfect combination of "Fire - Earth - Water - Metal - Wood", 5 classical elements in the East cultural. This combination carries a feeling of "fresh" relaxation, which you can easily see when using vegan food here.

With every floor is a message of latent meaning, will make customers immersed in the architectural space of the most special vegan restaurant Hanoi - Vi Lai.

Considered as the "breathtaking scene" in the heart of Hanoi, the vegan restaurant in Hanoi - Vi Lai fascinates diners who cross the gate. All are created, in the sense that one way Vi Lai vegetarian restaurant blows the "soul" of peace into your meal.

Beside, located at 67 Ly Thuong Kiet street, Tran Hung Dao street, Hoan Kiem district, Hanoi, the center of the city, the location is favorable. So it will be easy for diners to find Vi Lai without having to spend a lot of precious time. In addition, with an extensive area, convenient, with the guidance of security guards, customers to Vi Lai will not have to worry about the problem of parking a motorcycle or car, to always feel secure when having dishes at Vi Lai.

4. Vi Lai - In the eyes of reviewers and social media.

When coming to enjoy vegan food, Vi Lai always wants to give diners the most precious experience, not only in terms of food but also in terms of the soul of the guests. Stepping into Vi Lai restaurant, it is not just a place to come and return. It must be treasured moments, to enlight your soul, to escape the chaos of existence life.

Thanks to these values, Vi Lai vegan restaurant has been trusted by many customers as one of the most delicious vegetarian restaurants in Hanoi, a popular destination for vegans in general and Vegan food enthusiasts in particular.

Your satisfaction is our pleasure

A great review coming from Foody - A famous food review website in Vietnam

Community trust is the most immense motivation for Vi Lai continues its efforts to do better in the future, to keep conveying the values of vegan to more people.

5. Customer service at Vi Lai vegetarian restaurant.

Not only experience different things, customers will also receive a lot of incentive programs that can only see in one vegan restaurant in Hanoi - Vi Lai.


If you book a table at Vi Lai, not only receive the guarantee, you also get 5% discount on the total invoice value.

Vi Lai membership:

The perception of each customer is the most important value. Therefore, with the desire to bring more precious experiences, Vi Lai proudly presents: The membership card

With the membership card, Vi Lai expects every customer who comes here will be a member of "the family". More than that, the membership card helps diners receive a lot of the best incentives from the restaurant.

What do you get by using the membership card of Vi Lai - the best vegan restaurant in town?

Lotus card:

  • Earn 5% of the total value of the bill, which can be converted into any dishes in the meal.
  • Directly deduct 5% of the total value of the invoice for the birthday party of the card owner. (5 days before and after the birthday).

Moon card:

  • Directly deduct 5% of the total bill paid when dining at a vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi - Vi Lai.
  • Earn 5% of the total value of the bill, which can be converted to a chosen dish in the next meal.
  • Discount 10% on the total value of the invoice in the birthday party of the card owner (5 days before or after the birthday).
  • Free service charge when booking a VIP room and birthday party decoration.

Delivery Service:

In addition, for those who do not have time to enjoy vegan dishes at Vi Lai, offers food delivery service within a radius of 5km. Especially, Vi Lai Vegetarian Restaurant is completely free of charge with bills worth over VND 500,000.

6. People of Vi Lai - Dedicated, enthusiastic

“People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

From the moment crossing the gate of Vi Lai; hospitality, enthusiasm from the staff are the first things that all customers can see. And that what makes the profession of Vi Lai service, which is rare to see in a vegan restaurant in Hanoi.

  • Waiter:

Customers will always feel a warm welcome, derived from the joy of serving of the waiter, come up from every single gesture of them. As we understand, from the joy of the transmission itself to the diners helps the customers feel more peaceful, gentle when enjoying Vi Lai experience.

  • Chef:

Each dish is processed by the most dedicated chef; a silent hero, who meticulous effort as an artisan to create art. With many years of experience in the vegan food industry, for them, cooking is not just cooking. It is their method to spread the spiritual values of vegan cuisine to the community.

Mr. Nam Nguyen - Head chef of Vi Lai vegan restaurant: The spiritual peach and satisfied enjoyment of diner is "Vi Lai" for our effort.

  • Ms. Chu Mai Huong - Owner of Vi Lai vegan restaurant:

Recklessness - Bold - Perseverance are words to describe the author of the gorgeous scene of Vi Lai, the woman with the endeavor to bring vegan to more and more people, Ms. Chu Mai Huong. Despite her young age, Ms. Huong always aspires to beautify life with vegan food, hoping that Vi Lai vegan restaurant will be a breakthrough in vegan cuisine in Vietnam.

"I would like to see Vi Lai vegan restaurant become a place where everyone can live with their most precious values, having pleasant moments with friends and family." - Ms. Chu Mai Huong

Have you had the chance to experience delicious food in the best vegan restaurant in Hanoi - Vi Lai?

Vi Lai sincerely invites you to come and enjoy the most delicate vegan dishes, to gain the far-beyond expectation experience, to relive the peaceful moment of your true - self. Looking forward, Vi Lai vegetarian restaurant will become a starting point or a memorable milestone in your vegan diet. To book please call Hotline: 085 353 5656.


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